Make the Most Of Your Home’s First Impression

1. Light the way

One of the nicest ways to welcome people into your home is with pretty lighting that leads them to your door. If the lighting by your front door is old, consider replacing it with something stylish — from sleek steel to vintage craftsman, exterior lighting fixtures have come a long way, as you can see from this gallery on Houzz.

2. There’s always paint

Paint isn’t only an easy and inexpensive way to change the look of the rooms inside your home; painting your front door can make a big impact too. Fire engine red, burgundy, black, evergreen, bright yellow — the palette for front doors is endless. For ideas and inspiration check out these painted doors on Houzz.

3. The devil’s in the details

You’d be surprised the difference some spanking new hardware can make — it may seem like a small thing, but changing the knob, lock, knocker and even the hinges on your door can really change things up. Houzz has more than 25,000 photos tagged “entry door hardware” — check them out for ideas.